Complaints And Grievance Procedure For Students

This policy relates to our UK and Europe operations. For further information, please contact our Head of Training.

1. Introduction to Grievances

It is recognised that grievances can arise when a student is unhappy about their personal situation regarding their course, or in their dealings with other students or with staff, and that a speedy resolution of such complaints and grievances is in the interest of all concerned.

This procedure aims to bring about the rapid resolution of grievances, without recourse to formal proceedings wherever possible. It applies to all cadets of the Academy. Nothing in this procedure impinges on the legal rights or obligations of staff and students.

Grievances will be regarded as confidential but you must be aware that individuals concerned will need to be interviewed if the grievance is to be resolved.

Grievances which are anonymous or based on rumour cannot be investigated.

Airways Aviation reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student whose grievance is found to be based on false allegations.

2. Equality and Diversity Statement

Airways Aviation is committed to the promotion and development of equality and diversity. We aim to provide a working and learning environment which values individuals equally regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religious belief or trade union membership.

This procedure is implemented in accordance with our policies on equality and diversity, disability and race equality. Decisions/actions taken in relation to a student grievance are not influenced by the student’s background or situation and each case is dealt with on its own merits.

3. Principles of the Complaints Procedure

Airways Aviation takes complaints seriously: we view them as making an important contribution to our own quality assurance measures. They can alert us to difficulties or uncertainties in the system and may lead us to issue additional guidance to staff and students. We will investigate any complaint rigorously and make every effort to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Just as it is one of our operating principles to respect confidentiality, Airways Aviation asks that complainants be sensitive regarding complaints about other people and not to copy their complaint to parties outside Airways Aviation without full consideration of any Data Protection implications.

Airways Aviation’s working definition of a complaint is ’a written expression of serious dissatisfaction in relation to our activities or behaviour that requires a response’. Many concerns can be resolved informally, and there is a procedure for this. Only a formal complaint made in writing will be dealt with under the formal complaints procedure.

Complaints must be raised with Airways Aviation within six weeks of the event/action which is the subject of the complaint.

4. Informal Procedure

If you have a complaint or a grievance, before invoking the formal procedure, every effort should be made to resolve the issue informally by raising your concerns with the person(s) involved, with your instructor or with a member of management staff who will help and advice. If this does not lead to a satisfactory outcome, or if you feel unable to discuss the matter with the person(s) involved, you may opt to invoke the formal complaint or grievance procedure.

If the complaint or grievance has been resolved informally, no record will be kept on file unless both parties wish to have a note of what has been agreed.

All issues should be raised in the first instance with the Head of Customer Relations (HoCR) who will work with you to resolve the situation through mediation.

Students are always encouraged to give us their feedback and comments. In addition to the student/staff meeting, Airways Aviation has a comments and suggestions box that is always available for your feedback. Excellence is always our driver.

Airways Aviation also provide an Anonymous reporting system for suggestions and feedback.

5. Formal Procedure

You may proceed from one stage of the procedure to the next only within the time scales detailed. If, other than by mutual agreement, the time allowed for any stage has elapsed and no decision has been taken to proceed to the next stage, then the matter is closed.

If the matter has not been resolved informally to your satisfaction, you should arrange to do the following:

Complaints about instructors:

  • For Ground School: arrange to see the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor.
  • For Flight School: arrange to see the Chief Flight Instructor.

Complaints against students:

  • arrange to see the Head of Customer Relations.

They will establish with you the nature of your complaint or grievance and make a written record of the compliant or grievance on the Complaints and Grievance Form (see enclosed), to be signed by you to confirm that this is an accurate representation. An investigation will then take place and a written response of the outcome will be provided within ten working days.

All formal complaints will also be sent to the HoCR.

All written notification will include reasons for the outcome, your right of appeal and an explanation of the appeal procedure.

Appeals – If you wish to appeal against the outcome of your complaint or grievance you should do so in writing within ten working days of the decision being notified. Your letter will explain who to write to.

The outcome of the appeal will be notified to you in writing within a further five working days. All appeals will be heard by the Chief Executive Officer or their nominated representative.

It is your right to seek advice from outside the Academy at any stage of the proceedings.

6. Monitoring

The conduct of investigations and responses to complaints and grievances will be monitored by Academy Senior Management.

7. Airways Aviation Independent Adjudicator

We have appointed a solicitors firm to act as our independent adjudicator. Should there be a need to contact our appointed solicitors, please contact HoCR.

Proprietor: Ian Cooper, Airways Aviation Group CEO
Principal: Philip Moore, Airways Aviation General Manager Europe