Joined Airways AviationOctober 2019
AcademyAirways Aviation Australia, Gold Coast Academy
CourseDiploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane) & Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating Multi Engine – Aeroplane)

How long have you wanted a career in Aviation? What is your dream job?

From childhood, I used to follow up a lot on airplanes. Then thought of why can’t I fly one of them. I was looking for different pathways to achieve my goal.
Came to know about Airways Aviation and the programs they provide to get to my dream job to become an airline pilot.

You got the unique experience of training at more than one of our academies. What has your journey been like?

Coming to Australia for my flight training was a life-changing moment. Very friendly instructors with well-equipped facilities give me a good opportunity to improve my knowledge in Aviation.
I achieved my Private license at an uncontrolled aerodrome, busy with GA Aircraft before moving down to the Gold Coast for my commercial training at an international airport.
Flying in and out of the gold coast with the busy jet traffic made me feel like I’m very close to my dream.

What were the other students and instructors like and the general atmosphere at Airways Aviation?

Journey with Airways Aviation gave me chance to know different people from different countries especially my fellow friends, cadets from Air Arabia (Sharjah-based airline), and well-supporting and friendly Airways staff and instructors.

What has been your favorite part of learning to fly?

It was my Night VFR training. It was an amazing experience to see the beautiful Gold Coast city lit up at night and flying in the dark over the ranges. I’m very much thankful to Airways Aviation for giving me these opportunities.

What’s the plan after this? Further training or putting your skills to good use?

Currently, I’m doing a Bachelor in Aviation with Griffith university, (thanks to their partnership with Airways Aviation) and also finishing my ATPL subjects in the meantime. Looking forward to getting into the airline training in the near future.

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