A message from Airways Aviation Founder & Executive Chairman- Romy Hawatt

We are passing through a surreal period that will soon enough become history and this will surely be followed by a new era of opportunities with an even greater emphasis on business and leisure travel as well as a boom in air cargo. 

With the sudden onset of COVID-19 aviation students everywhere unexpectedly had their wings clipped, training suspended or completely cancelled.

With countries and boarders closed, airport operations shut down and airlines and academies globally, consolidating, downsizing, filing for bankruptcy, or just ceasing to trade, the world has certainly changed and the industry will emerge from the induced COVID-19 sleep a somewhat different place in the way it functions and operates. 

For the majority, the Coronavirus crisis has caused us all to virtually stand still with many students discouraged, disappointed, dismayed and in search of signs of what a future career as a pilot will be like for them personally.

In Chinese, the word ‘Crisis’ is written using two symbols 危機.  One symbol represents ‘Danger’ and the other symbol represents ‘Opportunity’ 

The blanket of bad news has been the same everywhere in the world over the past months but good news is starting to emerge with green shoots of activity – country by country, airline by airline and academy by academy gearing up to recommence operations.

We have been through the ‘dangerous’ part and now it’s time to focus on the impending ‘opportunity’.

Let us not forget that the aviation industry has been and will return as the worlds largest and most important ‘feeder’ that modern society with all its needs, wants and demands cannot do without.  The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us all many valuable lessons and especially how quickly major world economies slide downhill if air access (passenger & cargo) in and out is suspended or cut altogether.

The fact of the matter is, for any modern socioeconomic system to prosper and grow, it requires a viable and fully functioning aviation sector. Aviation facilitates directly and indirectly employment, business and the day to day commerce (across multiple industry categories and not just aviation) to every major city and country on earth. 

It is therefore not a time to be complacent or to give up on your dreams of becoming a qualified pilot. It is in fact now the time to get back on the front foot, become proactive and plan and position to be part of the aviation industry opportunities the future promises to hold.

One must keep a focus on the fact that the world population is growing from its current 7.8 to 10.0 billion people over the next 30 or so years (a pilots career life-span).  Add to this the percentage of aircraft and people flying within that annually increasing and compounding number of passenger / cargo flights (growing exponentially) and it’s not hard to see the ‘opportunity’.

‘Timing is everything’ as they say and the time is therefore now to enrol to commence or for those that had already started, to continue your training.

For information on how to become a student pilot or for students previously in training with other schools, learn about our special transfer packages into one of our renowned academies contact info@airwaysaviation.com or fill up our enquiry form here.

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Advice Credits:

Romy Hawatt

Founder & Executive Chairman

Airways Aviation Group


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