GraduatedSeptember 2017
CourseEASA Integrated Course – Elite Pathways Programme (EPP)

Why did you select Airways Aviation?

I went along to a selection day in January 2015 at Manchester Airport when Airways Aviation was about to start their pilot training course, the EASA Integrated Elite Pathways Programme (EPP) course, I was really impressed with the set up they had then, and in my opinion, now it’s even better. I wanted to be part of that growth and not just another number.

If a potential student was on the fence about whether to study with Airways Aviation or not, what would you say to them?

At the various Airways Aviation Airline Pilot Career Days, I’ve told potential students (and told myself this during my training) is that patience is the key!

You have to be adaptable, there is no perfect training model that can be put into practice; but, the efforts that Airways Aviation goes to in order to get the best training possible for each of their students’ is evident.

Airways Aviation always look for feedback to make the experience of training a lot better for their students. As I mentioned before, I started early when Airways Aviation first introduced the EASA Integrated Elite Pathways Programme. The course structure and developments to the learning environment have been phenomenal, and I’m happy to say I’ve been part of that change, and in the future, I can say I trained at Airways Aviation.

Ben Hull, Pilot Training Student Case Study, Huesca Spain, DA42, Airport, Airways Aviation Academy

What advice can you give to students that are looking to become pilots?

It is possible!

When asked at 10-14 years old, no person can honestly say what they want to be, I don’t think. It’s when you start to mature you realise that the world outside has a lot to offer.

It wasn’t until about the age of 20 I thought of becoming a pilot due to having a very sporting background and pursuing a career in that. A military pilot was my first thought; so, having a trial lesson at my local airfield confirmed that I wanted to fly and would try my best to make it happen!

The military route did not prosper due to cuts at the time so a commercial route was the next avenue to pursue. This started with gaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in the UK to confirm I can fly and that was it, I was hooked and started to look at courses whilst working to find the best time to start this adventurous yet demanding career.

Hard work a little bit and often (learnt that from an instructor) will definitely get you where you need to go! Don’t look too far ahead but don’t lose sight of the goal you set yourself, small targets (breadcrumbs) will reach your targeted goal (loaf of bread).

Also, never give up, if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way!

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