Admissions Policy



The procedure mentioned in the document applies to the admission of all categories of students to the training programmes at Airways Aviation.

The organisation is committed to fair, consistent and transparent admissions practices. The organisation is committed to equality in education, and students are selected on their individual merits, abilities and aptitudes.

The organsiation aims to offer clear advice and guidance to prospective applicants to enable them to make informed choices and apply to programmes appropriate to their interests, academic qualifications and potential.


This procedure applies to all students following programmes of study at Airways Aviation.  All stages of this procedure are recorded on the application to enrolment checklist.

The procedure ensures that all student admissions are dealt with consistently, efficiently and in accordance with the Airways Aviation Equality & Diversity Policy.


All applicants for full time programmes will complete an application form. The application form should be available in an appropriately accessible format.

All applicants shall meet the minimum entry requirements, which are:

  • Aged over 18 to start training
  • Completed secondary education achieving at least five UK GCSEs at grade C or higher which must include English language, Mathematics and a Physics or Double Science subject (or non-UK equivalent).
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Capable of holding a Class 1 Pilot Medical
  • Previous flying experience is not required.

If the applicant meets these criteria they are then invited to attend an assessment day which consists of a competency based interview, group exercise and aptitude/psychometric testing.

During the interview process it will be assessed as to whether the candidate has any learning difficulties that will prevent the candidate from successfully completing the  course. The candidate will also be required to sign a self-disclosure stating that they have no known learning difficulties.

 Decisions on Admission

Based on the full application procedure, applicants will be given one of the following:

  • Letter of offer – All entry requirements have been met.
  • Rejection letter – one or more of the entry requirements have not been met and will be difficult or impossible for the applicant to meet the remaining entry requirements.

Admissions Complaints procedure

Airways Aviation is committed to providing a fair and efficient admissions service and applicants will not be disadvantaged in any way because they have used this procedure.

A complaint may express serious concern about any aspect of the admissions process.

Applicants have no right of appeal against a decision not to offer them a place with the organisation. Complaints against a decision may only be submitted on grounds of procedural irregularity, or if there is new information which may have affected the decision (with reasons why it was not made available at the time of application), or if there is evidence of any action or decision which is not consistent with the organisations Admissions Policy or Equality Policy.

A complaint must be made on an individual basis by the applicant. Complaints made by a third party will not normally be considered.

This procedure and any decisions made under the procedure do not automatically give legal rights to the complainant, nor place obligations on the Institute to pay compensation either in respect of a decision made pursuant to the procedures or for a breach of the procedures.

Legal representation on behalf of the complainant is not permitted.