Airways Aviation will be exhibiting at Pilot Careers Live on Saturday 14th April 2018. The event will be held at Sofitel Hotel, Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport.

What is Pilot Careers Live?

Pilot Careers live is a leading exhibition bringing together the world’s top flight training providers, airlines, and employers in the aerospace sector. It is a unique opportunity to meet trainees and real pilots, and to get the inside story of what flying training and a career as a professional pilot is really like.

Why meet Airways Aviation at Pilot Careers Live?

Potential students meeting Airways Aviation at Pilot Careers Live will have the opportunity to meet our selection team and pilots, as well as talk to our current trainees about their experience of learning to be a pilot with us. Our team will be on hand to answer all your questions about our integrated and modular courses, and how we can help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional pilot.

We were dedicated to providing an honest, transparent and individual approach to pilot training, equipping you with all the knowledge you need to start your journey.

How do I get Pilot Careers Live tickets? 

Pilot Careers Live tickets are available for sale on the Pilot Career News website. Tickets are priced from £5. You can purchase tickets here.

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