Integrated and modular flight training are among the most common training options for aspiring commercial pilots. Choosing the right pilot training options can be confusing. We’ve broken down the key differences between these two approaches to pilot training to help you make the right decision.

What is integrated flight training?

Integrated pilot training involves full time study that is designed to take you from zero flying experience to a qualified commercial pilot with a ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence (fATPL) ready to seek employment as a First Officer.

The Elite Pathways Programme (EPP) is Airways Aviation’s full-time, EASA Integrated pilot training course.

How long does integrated flight training take?

Integrated pilot training generally takes between 14-18 months (not including time taken on exam retakes or delays due to bad weather.

What are the benefits of integrated flight training?

  • A focussed, full-time training course in an intimate study environment
  • Use of fair weather bases for flight training
  • Complete your flying training in under 2 years
  • Uniform, books, instruction materials, assessments and flight time are included in the price.

How much does integrated flight training cost?

Integrated pilot training courses are priced anywhere between £90,000-£140,000. In some circumstances, financial support from banks is available to help fund training.

Airways Aviation is committed to making a career in aviation as accessible as possible. We frequently run scholarship schemes to give unique funding opportunities to gifted candidates. Keep an eye on our news page to learn about any new pilot training scholarship opportunities.

Why choose integrated pilot training with Airways Aviation?

Approximate cost of integrated pilot training schemes (Non-sponsored schemes, March 2018)
Airways Aviation£89,980
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy£90,000
L3 Airline Academy£93,800
FTE Jerez£104,000

We are committed to making the integrated course experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

  • Students on the Elite Pathways Program benefits from all inclusive accommodation across our sites in the UK, Spain and Netherlands, including transport every day to and from your accommodation to the academy (transit between your academy and accommodation is not provided by certain other training providers)
  • We cover the cost of your travel to and from our academies throughout the duration of your course.
  • All exam fees are included in the course fee and associated airport costs (such as fuel and landing fees) are also covered.
  • Uniforms and equipment are all included

What is modular flight training?

Modular pilot training is a flexible and focussed training solution for aspiring pilots. Modular training allows you to fit flight training around pre-existing work and personal conditions, whilst still giving you the opportunity to realise your dream of becoming a pilot. Modular training also allows you to spread the cost of pilot training over a time period that suits you.

How long does modular pilot training take?

One of the key benefits of modular training is the ability to train around your existing commitments. If you want to take each module of the training process as a stand-alone course, at a time that suits you, this programme is your best approach. As such, achieving a frozen ATPL (fATPL) through modular training can typically take between 2 – 5 years.

How much does modular flight training cost?

The cost of modular flight training depends entirely on how many elements of a modular course you choose to complete. The Airways Aviation modular pilot training course costs from £36,300.

What are the benefits of modular flight training with Airways Aviation?

  • The Airways Aviation modular programme is the low risk, flexible pilot training pathway from first flight to airline-ready. We can help create a plan that is tailored to you.
  • Our modular training is ideal for those that need pilot training to fit around their existing commitments.
  • Airways Aviation’s modern facilities are designed to offer everything needed for great achievements and an outstanding training experience.


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